Sorin V. Sabau


サ バウ バシレ ソリン


Differential  geometry




バ イオインフォマティクス入門









  Sorin V. Sabau

  Tokai University, Sapporo Campus, Faculty of biological sciences
  5-1-1-1, Minamisawa, Minami-ku, Sapporo, 005-8601
  TEL: +81-11-571-5111
  FAX: +81-11-571-7879

  Curriculum Vitae                    

  Teaching  (almost all classes I teach are in Japanese)

  • Classes:  Calculus, Analysis, Data Analysis, Introduction to Bioinformatics, Genome Analysis, Cell information
  • TeX
  • Open source software for mathematics
  • Linux
  • Bioinformatics (graduate course)          


  I am interested in everything concerning differential geometry, but my research interest encompasses mainly Higher Order Geometries, Finsler Geometry and the Differential Geometry of differential equations.
   Beside these, I am also interested in Life Science, in special Bioinformatics and Mathematical Biology.