The 43-st Symposium on Finsler Geometry

November 4-7, 2008

Utsunomiya, Japan

Only few people have announced their titles already. We post here only the ones that we are aware of.
The dead line is Octomber 1-st.

Ioana Masca The geometry of reversible geodesics (30 min.)
Radu Miron On the Finslerian dynamical systems (60 min.)
Sorin V. SABAU  Some remarks on the variational problem (30 min.)
Zerrin SENTURK  Anti-holomorphic submanifolds with flat normal connection in a locally conformal Kaehler manifold (30 min.)
Kazuhiro SHIBUYA On the 2-nd order contact geometry (30 min.)
Hideo SHIMADA   On the existence of Landsberg structures (30 min.)