Advances Studied in Pure Mathematics
Published from Mathematical Society of Japan

Volume Title

Finsler Geometry, Sapporo 2005

In memory of Makoto Matsumoto

Editors Hideo Shimada and Sorin V. Sabau

Authors and tentative titles:

T. Aikou, Chern-Finsler connection and Finsler-Kahler manifolds (25 pages)
P. Antonelli and S. Rutz, Perturbations of constant Wagner connections
S. Bacso, X. Cheng, Z. Shen, Curvature properties of (alpha, beta)-metrics (30 pages)
D. Bao, On the unicorn problem in Finsler geometry (30 pages)
M. Crampin, Cartan connections and sprays
L. Kozma, On isometries of Finsler manifolds (20 pages)
R. Miron, TBA
H. Shimada, S.V. Sabau, TBA
Z. Shen, TBA
J. Szilasi and R. Lovas, Generalized metric and good metric derivatives (45 pages)
L. Tamassy, TBA
P.M. Wong, A survey of complex Finsler geometry (40 pages)


Manuscripts to be send to the editors until January 31, 2006
Refery period: February 1-st - April 30, 2006

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The Policy of the Advance Studies in Pure Mathematics series

1. Each volume in the ASPM series should be an "up-tp-date guide of lasting interest to advanced mathematics" containing good surveys of the area covered, not being merely a collection of individual articles or proceedings.

2. All the articles and surveys in a volume should be refered. The editors must state explicitely in the preface that all the articles are in final form and not submitted for publications elsewhere.

3. Each volume should be within 500 pages, with the body in 450 pages or less.

4. The American Mathematical Society is in charge of the distribution of the ASPM volumes outside Japan, while Mathematical Society of Japan is in charge of their distribution inside Japan. Unless the American Mathematical Society agrees to distribute not less that 150 copies of a volume, its publication in the ASPM series is canceled.

Hideo Shimada
Sorin V. Sabau

Last updated November 26, 2005