The 50th Symposium on Finsler Geometry

"Half a Century of Finsler Geometry in Japan"

October 21 - 25, 2015

Hiroshima University, The Faculty Club "Gakushi Kaikan"

(Second Announcement)

  On behalf of the Society of the Finsler Geometry, Japan (President: Tadashi Aikou), we are pleased to invite you to attend The 50th Symposium on Finsler Geometry "Half a Century of Finsler Geometry in Japan".

The present conference, concerning research topics in Finsler geometry and its Applications, is not simply the 50th episode in a long tradition but also an
occasion to report on a bridge between tradition and modernism.

We hope for a large participation from Japan and abroad to this historical event, to be held in the beautiful city of Hiroshima during a very pleasant season, including a banquet and an excursion.

Organizing Committee

   Tadashi AIKOU (Kagoshima, Japan)
   Sorin V. SABAU (Sapporo, Japan)

Local organizer

   Kazuhiro SHIBUYA (Hiroshima, Japan)


Here is the list of tentative participants.

And here is a tentative PROGRAM.


Registration Fee + Accommodation (for 4 nights with breakfast, lunch on 22, 23, 24, dinner on 21, 22, banquet on 23 and excursion on 24) : 40,000 JPY (approx. 300 Euro, or 335 US$). The fee can be paid in JPY (preferable), EURO or US$, but the change will be given in JPY.

Accommodation during the conference:

Higashi-Hiroshima Green Hotel Morris
11-8, Saijyo-Syowamachi,
739-0014 JAPAN

About the lectures during the conference

You are asked to give a lecture at the conference. There are 3 kinds of lectures planed (Q&A time included).

            Short communications: 30 min. talks.

            Regular lectures:     40 min. talks.

            Invited lectures:     60 min. talks.

Please choose from these and let us know the kind of lecture you intend to give and the title.

During the conference computer projectors, OHP projectors, and white boards will be available. Please let us know which way you intend to give your lecture.

Application deadline: July 1st, 2015

ATTENTION. Persons who need a visa to travel to Japan are requested to contact Professor Aikou ( as soon as possible in order to get the invitation letter needed.

We are going to publish online a Proceeding of the conference (not refereed), as we did at the previous episodes of the Finsler Symposium in Japan. Therefore, please prepare a short outline of your talk and send it by e-mail to Professor Aikou (

For persons who would like to attend the conference, please send the following Application form by e-mail, fax or regular mail to Sabau (

Application Form


E-mail or Fax:


Intended lecture title:

Other requests:

Tadashi Aikou
    Kagoshima University
    Korimoto 1-21-24, Kagoshima
    890-8580, JAPAN.

Sorin V. Sabau
      Tokai University
      5-1 Minamisawa, Minami-ku,
      Sapporo-shi, 005-8601, JAPAN
      TEL: +81-(0)11-571-5111 (455)
      FAX: +81-(0)11-571-7879

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